Spruce resin ointment

Smrekovit spruce resin ointment

The main ingredient of Smrekovit spruce resin ointment is spruce resin from the virgin woods of Slovenia. All ingredients are of a completely natural origin and are used in food industry, which is why the product is also suitable for ingestion. It is produced since 1990.

Spruce resin and its field of use

Experience of users and our own experience have demonstrated the effectiveness of Smrekovit spruce resin ointment in the followingSpruce resin ointment conditions:

Muscles, ligaments and joints

  • Sports injuries: Blows, dislocations, tears, inflammation of ligaments, muscles and periosteum, tired muscles due to overexertion, etc.
  • Spinaldisease and accompanying problems: Cervical segment of spine (pains in neck, shoulders, upper limbs, headaches, pins and needles in hand fingers); thoracic segment of spine (pains between and under the shoulder blades), lumbar and sacral segment of spine (pains in the lower back region, hips and lower limbs, spasms, pins and needles);
  • Joint diseases: Rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, gout, etc.
Spruce resin ointment

Infections and inflammations

  • External signs of viral, bacterial and fungal infections: Herpes (oral, genital), fungi, boils, pimples, warts, whitlows, aphthas, gum inflammations, etc.
  • Upper airway disease and accompanying infections: Cold, sore throat and pharynx, middle ear inflammation, inflammation of nasal sinuses;
  • Lower airway disease: Cough, feeling of heavy breathing (with bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.)


  • Stings of insects (bees, wasps, mosquitoes, scorpions, bedbugs, etc.), pricks of sea urchins and related animals, burns by coelenterate (medusa, sea anemones);
  • Skin injuries: Wounds, bedsores, abrasions, blisters, burns (sun burns as well), frostbites, etc.

How to use Smrekovit spruce resin ointment?

External use

Spruce resin has a strong deep effect, which is why the external use of the Smrekovit spruce resin ointment does not only treat surface conditions, but also problems of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and other internal organs.

The spruce resin ointment should be applied to the problematic area several times a day. We recommend the use of dressing to increase the effect (adhere a thin strip of textile and impenetrable foil to the area of application with the help of adhesive tape). Bandages should be loose enough to allow for undisturbed blood circulation. If the skin is damaged (when treating wounds, bedsores, etc.) the dressing should be discarded after each change.

Internal use

In case of problems with digestive tract swallow ½ of a teaspoon of Smrekovit spruce resin ointment daily. Because the Smrekovit spruce resin ointment does not taste good, we recommend that you first put it in the refrigerator for a couple o

f minutes and then take the

ointment together with some cold fluid.

In case of respiratory infections, spread the ointment Smrekovit spruce resin ointment inside your oral cavity, so that it is slowly washed down through throat and pharynx. Mix it with honey to improve the taste. It can also be applied to the nasal cavity and the acoustic duct in small quantities.

Spruce resin ointment


  • In rare cases, spruce resin can cause allergy in the form of a skin rash.

Some emphasises:

  • Pains in shoulders, hands, buttocks and legs are frequently the consequence of spinal problems, which is why the ointment should also be applied to the appropriate segment of the spine (cervical segment in case of pains in hands and the area between shoulder blade and lumbar and sacral segment in the case of pains in legs).
  • In some conditions, the pain can alter or be aggravated after the treatment is initiated. This condition is expected to disappear within 72 hours;
  • The duration of treatment is substantially shortened if the use of the ointment begins immediately after the onset of the disease;
  • Treatment should not be interrupted for at least a week, even if the improvement is not immediate. Chronic diseases (arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, etc.) demand especially long treatment with a good measure of order and discipline;
  • If an allergic reaction appears, stop with the application of ointment.

Expiration date: 24 month from opening

Prices (online order - delivery costs worldwide: 5€):

Smrekovit spruce resin ointment 50 mL - 3,50 €
Spruce resin ointment 50mL
Smrekovit spruce resin ointment 150 mL - 9,00 €
Spruce resin ointment 150mL


Lila LapanjaSmrekovit spruce resin ointment is my best friend on the road, healing everything from head to toe (especially my ski toes!)

Lila Lapanja, member of US Ski team


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